Universal grinder-mixer

Single operation is enough to obtain the chocolate paste , what allows the use of only one machine instead of 4 : MILL-GRINDER-MIXER-CONCHE.

The user only has to fill the machine with cocoa grains, granulated sugar, and cocoa butter end let the machine run during a certain time depending on the fineness and conching required.That is to say the following types:

600 to 1100 Kg: Between (about) 8 and  36 hours.

The working temperature can be adjusted.

The machine grinds and conches the chocolate as finely as the usual processes.

Advantages    :

  •    Minimum investment

  •    Minimum bulk (one machine instead of 4 )

  •    Labour saving process because the machine can run without constant watch. (A worker can operate up to 5 machines)

  •    Saving of power current

  •    The manufacture is very clean. The single operation avoids handling too many chocolate tubs.

  •     Easy adjustments of the fineness and the temperature by PLC (see the screens of the PLC ) these screens can be translate in German or English

  •     Universal use. It can make paste from any chocolate which contains at least between 26 and 28 % butter, as well as milk chocolate paste any production stage and finished it.

  •     On request , the machine can be adjusted so that it can work at a temperature in excess of 100 °C

  •     The profile of the bands inside the vat has been particularly designed .

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