Eccenter presses

0A press

The OA press is recommended to manufacture small sized tablets much in use in pharmacy. Its high accuracy in measuring out doses and its accessibility make this machine highly performing even when used to produce very small sized tablets. It is either driven by a transmission belt or by an individual motor.

1B press

The recently re-designed 1B press is recommended for mass production. While sturdy, it is as highly accurate as the OA press. It is driven by individual motor with or without speed variator.

2B press

The 2B press is recommended for the manufacturing of large tablets, involving pre-compression process, pre-moulding of plastic materials, etc… However, its high precision in measuring out doses and its flexibility make it possible to be fitted with 14 holes, each 8mm in diameter. It can also be used to produce ring-shaped tablets. Moreover, when fitted with a special device it can distribute aminoplasts.
Our modern machine-tools turn out high standard parts which can easily be replaced. This press may be fitted with dies of 3 different depths depending on the tablet thickness targeted. It is either transmission belt or motor driven with or without variator or 2 to 4 gear box.

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