Rotary presses


The must have for R&D ,


This machine features the lastest technological advances , making it the most versatile machine of it generation



  • Utilizable for single or double layer tablet compression

  • This machine's greatest innovation is the possibility of simultaneous ise of B or D equipment , without disassembly on the same turret

  • Identical pre-compression and compression roller in order to optimize compression

  • This machine ca operate with a sngle punch, allowing for adjustment from a small quantity of powder

  • QI/QO qualification documentation completed



High Capacity rotary tablet press,

  • Constructed for the use of EU- or IPT- tooling.

  • In conformity with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP),

  • Built according to the European Security Norms. Delivered with the CE certificate.

  • 45 Station in D type , 51 in B

  • Auto weight regulation

  • IQ/OQ



The high standard for triple layer tablet press machines.

A machine specially deigned for the fabrication of triplelayered tablets .



  • 20 Stations version for R&D

  • Ejection of layer 1 and layer 1+2 during production

  • Automatic regulation of weight eanbles unified control of compression efforts throught all 3 layers

  • Control screen

  • 45 stations in EURO or IPT D type , 51 in B type

  • QI/QO qualification documents completed

  • Machines specially designed for production of big size tablet for chemical application

  • Chlorine tablet for swiming pool 20 Gr ,250 gr , 500 gr

  • Mono our  bi layer tablet

  • Cacl2 Tablet for dehumidification

  • Coconut tablet for fertilization

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